Stunning pair of double espresso pewter cups
Stunning cappuccino cups with pewter saucers and delicious coffee
Elegant champagne flutes with pewter stems, and a bottle of champagne

Pewter has a unique charm that recalls centuries of use in the home for cooking and eating utensils, glasses and a host of other desirable objects. Today, fine quality pewter is scarce as the expertise and skill required to create crisp castings and the ability to finish are rare in modern craftsmen. The glassware is a stunning combination of pewter and lead crystal which is highly unlikely to tip over because of the clever design in the weighted stems.

The special characteristics of this ancient alloy offers a combination of a rich metallic lustre that improves with age along with the ability to hold crisp detailing in casting. It is available, however, in The Eden Emporium. The finest hand-crafted pieces come from Northern Italy, where tradition and creativity are combined to produce original objects of beauty which compliment any home. Blending striking white earthenware with pewter is a style that respects the past and yet is completely at home in a modern environment.